Protect Your
Crypto Against

Protect Your
Crypto Against

Dave went for a spacewalk. His family didn't have his crypto details. No logins, seed phrases or private keys. Luckily, his cryptocurrency was not lost! Dave's Deadman Switch protected his cryptos when he was alive and passed them on automatically to loved ones after his death. Dave's family are wealthy because he used Keyback.

Sorry, Dave.
I'm afraid I can't do that.

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Keyback is
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Backup & Recovery for all your wallets and accounts

Automated Digital Asset Inheritance

How Does It Work?

Unlock the Future with Keyback: Your Ultimate Crypto Legacy Solution

Are you ready to embrace the future of crypto security and legacy planning? Keyback is not just a product; it's your key to securing your digital wealth and ensuring a smooth transition for your loved ones. Let's dive into what makes Keyback the unparalleled choice:

πŸ” Multi-Encryption Fort Knox

Your crypto assets deserve the best protection. Keyback uses 256-bit AES multi-encryption, creating an impenetrable fortress around your seed phrases, logins, and account information. Not even government hacker teams can get close. Your digital wealth is safe and sound.

🌍 Decentralized Backup & Recovery

Keyback doesn't rely on a single point of failure. Your sensitive data is distributed across secure locations, ensuring that even natural disasters or unforeseen events won't jeopardize your access. You have the flexibility to update your portfolio whenever you desire.

πŸ•ŠοΈ Pass on Your Legacy

Your crypto journey is more than just numbers; it's a legacy. With Keyback, you can create a step-by-step plan for your heirs to access your valuable digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and logins. And the best part? Your anonymity remains intact. No third parties involved. Your family receives the ultimate gift of financial security.

πŸ›‘οΈ You Remain in Control

Worried about who holds your cryptos? With Keyback, you maintain full control. Your cryptocurrencies and digital assets stay right where they've always been – in your wallets and accounts.

πŸ› οΈ Simple, Not Techy

Keyback is designed for everyone, not just tech nerds. Our user-friendly tools, complete with videos and screenshots, guide you through the process. If you can copy and paste, you're more than capable of using Keyback.

πŸ”₯ Disaster-Proof Your Crypto

Fires, floods, or theft – Keyback has your back. You'll be ready to restore your data immediately, even in the face of calamity. Redundancy is built into our system, ensuring you never lose access to your critical information.

πŸ—‚οΈ No Limits to What You Can Back Up

Keyback isn't just for private keys. You can store JSON files, software wallet phrases, usernames, passwords, URLs, bank details, hardware wallet seeds, and more – all in plain text format. You decide what's important to your heirs' peace of mind.

πŸ”„ Update on the Fly

Life moves fast, and so does your crypto portfolio. Keyback allows you to log in and create vault files anytime. Whether you acquire a new hardware wallet or open a new exchange account, Keyback adapts with you.

⏳ Flexible Timeframes

Choose the frequency of your 'Proof of Life' checks, from 7, 14, to 28 days. If you miss a check, you get an extra 28 days to rectify it. Your Trustees have four weeks to verify your health status, and you have the final say on when the vaults open, with options ranging from 0 to 56 days.

πŸ”’ Ultimate Control

You're always in command. Verify your good health status, reset the system, or pause the Deadman Switch whenever you choose. Your vault stays locked until you're ready to unlock it.

πŸ“± Secure Your Digital Life

Safeguard more than just your crypto assets. With Keyback, you can also include social media logins, ensuring your family's access to your online presence when it matters.

Lifetime Deal

As a lifetime member, you get:

1.  Your own personal automated Deadman Switch to pass your digital assets to your heirs/beneficiaries if (and only if) you pass away. (Awesome, that's your family taken care of!)

2.  A permanent, powerful, decentralized backup and recovery for your digital assets while you're alive. Never lose access to your wallets ever again. (It's a digital 'Fort Knox' for your crypto wealth)

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All upgrades and new planned features FREE for life

What's included

  • Encrypter / Decrypter

  • Deadman Switch

  • Private Vault Storage

  • Walkthrough screen capture videos

  • Community & Support

  • Free Updates for Life

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What's not included

  • Zero Risk. Encrypt offline.

  • No surprise fees or gotchas

  • Nothing complex to learn

  • We don't store or access your cryptos

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Hyper-Secure Backup & Recovery

Deadman Switch (DMS)

How Secure Are You?

Seed Words Secure?

We know all the tricks! The word poems, the secret journal, the circled words in a famous novel... all to remember those pesky but valuable words that will recover your fortune.

We've got the cryptosteel that your kid just kindly re-arranged for you. We've got scraps of paper soaked in coffee, handy lists and QR codes that are a thief's dream. Paper wallets that get tossed out with the old receipts by the cleaner.

It all needs re-thinking. Would you leave $100k lying around in a drawer? How about a post-it note stuck to your computer monitor with your recovery phrase. It happens more than it should! Real security is obfuscation and encryption. In other words, hiding it and making it unreadable.


It's so easy to lose access to your digital assets. These are just a few real world examples of how it can happen. Whether you're a big banking family, tech mogul or entrepreneur.

Elon Musk


In 2017 Musk noted that someone had sent him part of a bitcoin years ago, but he had no idea where it was anymore. While this is surely not a major concern for Elon, it proves the point it doesn't matter who you are. Without your keys, there's no crypto wealth.

Matthew Mellon


As an ambassador of Ripple Labs in 2015, he held $1B in XRP. After his death, his family were scrambling to find his fortune. Mellon said he kept the digital keys to his XRP locked in cold storage in other people's names at various locations around the U.S.

Gerald Cotten


He passed away unexpectedly with millions of dollars in crypto tied to his business. He joked about storing crypto keys in a bank deposit box and in a safe in the rafters of the attic, but he was the only person with knowledge of keys when he passed on.

Always have a crypto backup and recovery plan. Make it decentralized and redundant. Make others aware of your plan and if possible make it automated. Or better still, join Keyback and enjoy total security and a failsafe Deadman Switch to protect your fortune.

Legal Wills & Trusts

The Perfect Addition

Does it replace a Will?

No, it is for passing on digital assets only. For example crypto exchange logins, private keys, hardware and software wallet backup seeds, 2FA backup codes etc. And importantly, specific instructions to your Beneficiaries on how to access web-based wallets and other third party services, NFTs... this list goes on. A Legal Will & Testament exposes your details to legal professionals and in many cases the courts and the public. They are not equipt to deal with sensitive digital information. Keyback is a service that works perfectly alongside a traditional Legal Will & Testament.

Your Will & Keyback

You can store your optional MasterKey in your Will. This will be the final password that unlocks your crypto wallets to your Heirs/Beneficiaries.

Fly Under The Radar

Using Keyback, you dont invite scrutiny and you can control exactly what happens without trusting any third parties with your information or even the knowledge that you have cryptos to begin with.

How It Works

See how it works under the hood


Secure Your Crypto Future

Built for digital asset traders and investors. Get Yours.

RRP $1988
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